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6 advantages of Imae Industries

At Imae Industries, we provide support within six fields of business, from raw materials to engineering.
Whether it be stoking heat or capturing heat, each of these areas involves working with heat in some form, and this is a craft that we at IMAE Industries have cultivated over many years, building a track record along the way.
With these skills, we have had the opportunity to partner with major manufacturers in a number of industries, as well as energy-related enterprises. Over the 50 years since our founding, we have made great efforts as experts in heat.
In the future, too, as a Professional Group, we will endeavor to contribute to the resolution of the heat-related issues faced by companies of all kinds.

Main description of business and product

Each processing technology and product list

Our strength and excelled products and technologies

  • Production and sale of on the occupational safety and health and a safe heat resistant product
  • All kinds' energy conservation high-temperature insuvlation
  • All kinds' insulator of a car and building material
  • Vacuum insulator
  • Hig performance Aluminized cloth for Fire fighting
  • High performance nano technology insulator

Full utilization of our advanced technologies and products

  • The applicability of the high-performance nano technology insulator
  • Calcinated jig for ceramic condensers

Information>Information list

Product list by industry

  • Ship yard Heavy industry
  • Car industry
  • Electronic parts Semiconductors
  • Chemical plants Electric power supply
  • Household Electric equipment
  • Iron works Metal works
  • General Industry
  • Access